Where is orange cove california located?

Orange Cove is a comfortable farming community located along the eastern foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Located within 4 hours drive of the. Located a 4-hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles Basin, the city is 35 miles southeast of Fresno and a 30-minute drive east of Highway 99 in central California. Orange Cove, California, in Fresno County, is 20 miles north of Visalia, California and 26 miles E of Fresno, California.

The city is conveniently located within the Fresno metropolitan area. Orange Cove includes a series of beautiful landscapes surrounded by orange trees where you can enjoy a wonderful day trip with your family. It was created in a joint effort between the City of Orange Cove and the Orange Cove Area Chamber of Commerce. But one of the great things about Orange Cove is simply enjoying the many great events and attractions here in the Orange Cove area.