Can you get coronavirus disease from having sex?

Coronavirus is not a sexually transmitted virus; however, very little research has been done in this area. The virus can be transmitted during sexual intercourse through the inhalation of respiratory droplets and the exchange of saliva during kissing. We also know that the virus is present in feces. COVID is more contagious than any STD.

It spreads through respiratory droplets and particles that occur when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. Should you have a lateral flow test before having sex? Is it essential to wait until you are fully vaccinated? Doctors, scientists and other experts answer the big questions. At home with your partner and the hours of time go by slowly? As the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 continues to spread widely in the U.S. In the US and beyond, restrictions that promote social distancing also do so.

By now, you may be essentially quarantining at home with your partner. While this may be a wonderful time to connect with each other, you may have questions about how much intimacy is safe.